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Friday, 30 April 2010

Parents' Contributions - £560 total achieved!

Two separate donations on-line - thank you both - I wonder if there is an element of guilt for the 'near drowning incident' with Nicola on Huttoft beach when I was 7 .... and you're both still arguing over who pulled me out - Mum or Dad ... mmmm conscience money! At least you noticed that one of us was missing - head count: 'where's the 'middle one' gone?' x ;-)

Now, as Dad would say 'Dacker down, or it will end in tears'!


Sister Sandra said...

AAH! Lovely nostalgic photos of Sisters 1 & 2 - by the time they got to No 3 they really couldn't be arsed to take any more photos! Either that or I was so damned ugly....

Heidi De Wolf said...

So where is the truth? Who dragged you out?

I remember at age 10, my 'daredevil' uncle picked me up and threw me in the deep end of the swimming pool - I couldn't swim! He stood laughing as I was heading for the bottom, while my dad got down to his underwear and socks and jumped after me.

Nicola 'The Middle One' said...

Mmm nice uncle! the point with this is that it is still something that mum and dad like to disagree on....

Are you on for the sea swim on 18 September then?