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Thursday, 29 April 2010

New Member ....Our Friend in the South

Wow, only two and half weeks and we're at 82% how fantastic. We're on the top 3 fundraisers for the Children's Holiday home and giving the Mayor of Leicester a run for his money. Sandra and I will review our target next week. We're planning a dip this weekend - maybe Yorkshire... Our friend in the South - Lesley - will be joining us for our South West Country Adventure - in July: Penzance and Plymouth lidos (sea water and cold, cold) and Chagford (stream-fed and cold, cold) and will be meeting us in Wales at LLlyyyclydwdd whatever the place is for our swim there - Fantastic! More soon.

In the meantime here's another classic video from Nic - still not quite got the hang of the technology. 'You Two Boys' (Remember Mrs Darnell's sweet shop Sandra? - have we ever recovered from being mistaken for boys?)

Keep the donations coming in: Thank you!


1 comment:

Sister Sandra said...

Ooh, YES! I DO remember that sweetie shop, us in our matching 1970's anoraks and tomboy haircuts - but we are from the Fens remember;different style rules apply there!