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Friday, 9 April 2010

Sea Swim # 3, Thursday 8 April 2010

Here we go again, still the lovely Lincolnshire North Sea - this time Sutton-on-Sea. Weather is an improvement on February's sleet and freezing temperature and the sun is shining. We feel almost blase - is it enough of a challenge for us? We make our pitch on the beach and go for it - it is cold but not as cold as before. As usual Nicola is in first and Sandra is dithering at waist height. But we are in and swim for about 10 minutes - it is fantastic to swim in the sea again - it is cold, cold but not life-threatening cold and we can feel hands, feet and legs. We get out and then go back again - twice. Amazing - we love it!!! No seals this time. And no one else getting in either. We try to get some pictures and video clip.


Sister Sandra said...

Yes! I did dither!!! And needed Nicola's sterner stuff to get me fully immersed! Great series of mini dips on this day, followed by really bizarre coffee and cake with 2 year life span at beachside bar - yuk!

Nicola 'The Middle One' said...

Why are these photos so Blue? It wasn't really like that was it?

Nicola 'The Middle One' said...

mmmm that cake was most odd - astronaut food as you said! 2 year best before date - can only be the Lincs coast. Lots of lovely tat in the shop - but we resisted buying a souvenir. Corner cafe still 80s style and hasn't changed in the last 25 years - nor have the propiertors - must be all that praying (oops)!