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Friday, 9 April 2010

Gibraltar Point 8 February, late photo.

These are late in - taken on pre-digital camera and not great quality - you can get a sense of the weather - 0.5 C above freezing and sleet and wind - we actually went in twice - Nicola having only managed to submerge half way first time, then we had to undress and do it all again because she felt such a failure - and Sandra did it twice fully submerged. We need to get a thermometer to take the water temperature - it was probably not much more than 4 - 5 degrees. We felt nauseous afterwards and had to traipse all they way back through the sand dunes to the car park - Nicola looking like some sort of asylum seeker drifted off course from Dover with her blanket wrapped around her. We knew if we could survive this one then that was our benchmark!


Sister Sandra said...

Tsk!! Poor quality photos indeed - try doing better when your fingers are freezing!
I CAN'T BELIEVE we swam this day, but it has set us in good stead for the relative ease of early Spring in the North Sea.

waterblogged said...

I can't believe it either Sandra and I can't believe we lived - we probably shouldn't have gone in, it was a bit unwise ..... and not even any twitchers on the beach that day. but thank you for going in twice and pulling on that wet costume the second time so that I didn't feel such a failure for only having gone in up to waist height! x