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Monday, 2 January 2012

A Double Dip Day to Start 2012

And we have got off to a flying start on the outdoor swimming - sans wetsuits. Not sure if the economy is heading for a double dip this year but we were not satisfied with one dip only and went back for seconds on our New Year's Day 'Dash and Dip' yesterday at Mablethorpe. Thankfully the weather was kind to us, unlike last year's freezing conditions, and it felt bearable to run down the beach to the inviting brown surf of the North Sea. And this year we had a 'Third Man' - that is James the 10 year nephew who supported us by getting in too. He is now committed for every year to come.

Either I'm getting more climatised to the cold water and standing around in the elements almost undressed, or it really was mild for the time of year, but I managed to hold on to a cup of post-swim coffee without shaking uncontrollably.

We should have some good photos from Kevin on camera duty - and will post up here once we have them. Belinda's video attempt didn't seem to capture us - rather more sand than sea - but it is on our You Tube link.

Here's to 2012 and some great outdoor swimming.