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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Finalist in Sport Award

Ah - there's always next year - sadly we didn't scoop the award but we were in the 3 finalists for Participation in Sport award with Lincolnshire Sports Partnership. We did our best to promote ourselves at the event last Thursday http://www.lincsphoto.co.uk/?Action=VF&id=5215100450&ppwd=pd8347gn and John Inverdale now has a Blue Sky Swimming business calling card.

Saturday at Anderby Creek with Hannah and her crowd for an 8 degrees C swim - here's me with mild hypothermia setting in; Sandra just cooling down after 20 mins in the water and shaming the wet-suited men to abandon the rubber-gear.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Competitive, moi?

Tee hee!! The waterblogged sisters triumph again!

Lovely long uplifting sea swim on Saturday at Anderby Creek, 8 degrees in the water and heavenly.

We met up with the lovely Hannah & Robert and serious swimmers gang - thanks for the friendly welcome, tea and biccies x.

How us Blue Sky Swimmers love to shame those big beefy boys out of their rubber - and yep, we managed it again! After all, what serious self respecting athlete could be out done in the cold water by a couple of girls, tee hee!!!

What a perfect day! Thanks for the company, the sunshine and lovely post swim picnic for me and Nic at Huttoft - a day to treasure through the gloom of November.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Warm Duvets and Cold Lakes

What do they have in common? Both impossibly hard to get out of once you're in...or is that just me again?!

A gorgeous autumn day yesterday, seemed churlish not to get in one last swim...the water was crystal clear and first for me, warmer than the air temperature! Air @ 7C, Water @ 10C so SO easy to slip in to the calm waters for a 10 minute scull around as the sun set and golden leaves settled on the lake - PERFECT!

How much longer can I brave the water this winter? I felt brilliant after the swim and would love to do again - NOT TODAY!!! It's like the apocalypse out there today; dark, cold, lashing rain, whistling wind - YUK!

Here's a dry shot to show off my beautiful swim spot...and footprints for evidence of getting wet shot - too dark and cold for post swim snap!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Zen and The Art of Sea Swimming

What a beautiful day to mark the end of British Summer Time - glorious crystal clear skies and air bursting with ozone at the seaside.

We set off for a day at Gibraltar Point to soak up the last low rays of this amazing summer.

The sea swim was the best of the whole year in terms of pure pleasure ... cool clear water, little swell, sun sparkling off the waves....

I slipped into the wild swimming zone - calm, happy, alive, SO reluctant to do the sensible thing and get out.

A brilliant day, a real treat, a memory to treasure and polish in the darker months ahead.

Pure serendipity - my waterblogged pal Sharn was having a similar uplifting swim at the same time across The Wash in Norfolk - committed Blue Sky Swimmer sans wetsuit of course!