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Monday, 8 November 2010

Warm Duvets and Cold Lakes

What do they have in common? Both impossibly hard to get out of once you're in...or is that just me again?!

A gorgeous autumn day yesterday, seemed churlish not to get in one last swim...the water was crystal clear and first for me, warmer than the air temperature! Air @ 7C, Water @ 10C so SO easy to slip in to the calm waters for a 10 minute scull around as the sun set and golden leaves settled on the lake - PERFECT!

How much longer can I brave the water this winter? I felt brilliant after the swim and would love to do again - NOT TODAY!!! It's like the apocalypse out there today; dark, cold, lashing rain, whistling wind - YUK!

Here's a dry shot to show off my beautiful swim spot...and footprints for evidence of getting wet shot - too dark and cold for post swim snap!

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