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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Eight Go To Gibraltar Point - Saturday 10th April

.... and 3 women swim in the sea. Sunny day, cool wind off the sea. Sue, Sandra and Nicola wade out - very shallow today with a low tide (Sandra has consulted the tide timetable) - so it takes a while before we get enough depth (not so far as the wind turbines though as Felix thought). Water is cold with freezing cold flows passing by, but also some warmer bits too. Once we've accustomed to the cold we get in 'the zone' - ha! It's great to be swimming again in the sea, buoyed up by the water. Sandra swims out too far as usual .... We stay in for nearly half an hour - pretty good going. Then pay the price once we're out and shivering with cold for the next hour. Steve and Pete are on beach duties .... but failed to take any video of us in the water.

Nicola's first attempt at a video clip - a bit cack-handed (Lincolnshire terminology) - amateurish - but there's time for improvement or some technical instruction and back up.


Sister Sandra said...

Ooh! What a great day; one of the first proper Spring Days .... "if it wasn't for that wind" ... there's another well worn Lincolnshire phrase for you!!!
Camp stove veggie hot dogs after the swim but sadly no tea as the gas canister expired - so pleased that I lugged the stove, kettle, mugs and litre of water across a mile of sand dunes!!! Thank God for Sue and her brilliant organisation saving the day with coffee and hot choc.

waterblogged said...

Well thankfully I didn't hang around for the kettle to boil then - thanks to Sue for the instant coffee cups!