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Monday, 19 April 2010

Is it Summer yet?

It certainly FELT summery on Saturday, and we all took the opportunity to educate our children in the joys of outdoor swimming.

A trip to Nana's to celebrate Great Nana's 98th Birthday (tough genes run in the family you see!) was followed by a good couple of hours paddling and rope swinging at the beck down the fen from Mum's house. The willow tree was bending precariously when me and Steve (not together!!) had a go swinging out over the water - it's definitely easier to get on than off!

Really satisfying to continue the tradition into the next generation and to see that Felix has the makings of a champion rope swinger!

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Nicola 'The Middle One' said...

It's not summer today! Yes, good fun to paddle and to find our own private 'plunge pool' -secret location - but we will go in Sandra.

And nana - well born the day the Titanic sank - 19th April 1912 - but proving to be unsinkable unlike the ship .... she keeps sailing on ......!