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Friday, 30 April 2010

Literary Links

We will be 'launching' our 3 Pools Challenge at the Bathing Beauties Festival in Mablethorpe on Saturday 18 September http://www.bathingbeauties.org.uk/festival.htm We will have a beach chalet and will be recruiting people to swim with us in the sea .... let us know ... we have several interested already.

Just thinking about the literary links with Mablethorpe and D H Lawrence.

Mablethorpe was the destination for the Morel family's first holiday in the D H Lawrence novel, Sons and Lovers, published in 1913, and here's a quote:

"At last they got an answer from Mablethorpe, a cottage such as they wished for thirty shillings a week. There was immense jubilation. Paul was wild with joy for his mother's sake. She would have a real holiday now. He and she sat at evening picturing what it would be like. Annie came in, and Leonard, and Alice, and Kitty. There was wild rejoicing and anticipation. Paul told Miriam. She seemed to brood with joy over it. But the Morel's house rang with excitement."

'Brood with joy' - wow, I suppose this was before we all discovered overseas holidays and warm waters to swim in. However, we are trying to buck the trend with cold swims in the murky, silty North Sea .

More literary quotes soon when I get my Roger Deakin 'Waterlog' out.

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Lesley said...

Doing well. I see you already over £500