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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Sea Swim # 6 - Filey

Yes, really, we've swam in the sea SIX times now since New Year's Day.

Sunday 2nd May saw us at Filey, Yorkshire - a very cold north-easterly wind - and some strong, high waves. Despite Sandra's hesitation (normal for Sandra) we went in and swam for about 15 minutes - in fact it felt less cold in the water than on the beach. Once she was in, Sandra did her usual trick of swimming out too far..... Then we had to get out - and that was a struggle with the high waves and the strong pull. Pretty soaked with the waves crashing over us... but exhilarating.

The video clip is still in the editing suite but have a couple of pictures (one just post swim so a bit grimacing) to prove we really were there.

And not forgetting the Jack Johnson - exclusive glimpse of his new album cover :

1 comment:

Sister Sandra said...

Not to forget the glamour of being part of Jack Johnson's new CD cover photo shoot!
There we were dragging our frozen mottled legs over a whole network of lines and markers on the beach busily disrupting the "sand sculptors" writing across the beach in 20m letters. When the helicopters arrived to take aerial shots, we assumed they must have come to film the famous waterblogged sisters.
I'll bet the marketing team for the CD will be spinning a story of balmy Caribbean beaches, not exactly Filey in a skin blasting Northerly!