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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

10th May : Trip to Peaks for rare warm swim

7am - 1.5C, Perfect start to day. Bright sun, sparkling dew, free day....

8am - Into the Peaks, temperature soaring to 8C, familiar gloom and low cloud. Really looking forward to that first dive in, looks like could be a swim in the rain which I love.

9am - Yumm! Perfect pre-swim brekkie at Nonna's in glamorous Chesterfield. Bump into Hoady who's WAY too busy and important to join me for coffee - LIGHTWEIGHT!

9.30am - I'm here! It's raining, dropped to 6C and I'm waiting impatiently for Nicola & Leslie to arrive. Waiting around in cozzie is not good news so I go for unilateral plunge - instant warm up in water 20 degrees higher than air temp, no wonder it's steaming...

Make my first contact with the locals when chap in lane next to me surfaces at end of the lane.."Morning!" I say cheerily. "How do" he responds in stereotype "up north" tones...

Special mention must go to the lovely Pete who is really interested (or at least pretends well) in all our swim adventures and who lets us get a couple of photos for posterity.

11am - Perfect post swim food (well it's been a couple of hours since breakfast) at Pool Cafe and perfect hospitality again from the delightful Kev on cappucino and Bakewell Tart duty - excellent all round and even put up with our hysterical, over excited babbling.

All round a great swim trip and first outdoor pool plunge of 2010


Nicola 'The Middle One' said...

We certainly were the noisiest and most disruptive in the pool - over-excited no doubt!

Nicola 'The Middle One' said...

The two women in the cafe knew we were not from 'round there' because Sandra was eating the Bakewell slice with a fork!

Sister Sandra said...

Yes! That's right! I wonder what the approved technique in Derbyshire is?