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Monday, 24 May 2010

Hot Weekend

At last the sun came out - the finest weather for a day on the beach. My friend Rosie and I headed off to Sutton-on-Sea and pitched up on the beach. I think we must have been a little noisy since we soon had a good space around us as people re-pitched away from us. Sandwiches eaten and cossies on and we went for the waves - fantastic - Sandra will be soooo envious - sorry Sister! It was cold but so invigorating. Plenty of people in the waves but not swimming.

Rosie had an interesting take on swimming attire - at one point wearing a '3 piece' sort of layered look with costume, shorts and bikini top. It may catch on.

Sorry, no photos for evidence.


Sister Sandra said...

Landlocked in Leicestershire, Sister Sandra sets out for coast at 4pm on Sunday after lusting over the idea of a cool sea swim since hot hot hot Thursday...
...20 miles later and not even the combined forces of Johnnie Walker's Sounds of the 70's plus chatty chatty boys in back seat of care can conceal the hideous screeching coming from newly fitted brakes. Turn around, head for home, VERY VERY grumpy!!

Special mention to uber mechanic Mark Burrows today at the farm for taking a look and sorting the problem. Diagnosis = shoddy workmanship by brake fitters - good mind to name and shame, boo hoo!

I SO need a swim! Can't wait for the 3 Lido's 3 Miles on 30th - come along to cheer us along.

Nicola 'The Middle One' said...

You little sneak - heading off in secret squirrel way. funnily enough I went to Louth at 3.15 to catch the shops - boring stuff for the house ... and was SOOOOO tempted to keep driving to Sutton ... oh how I needed that cold water.... lol x