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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Groundhog Weekend

Great watery weekend for me, if a little repetitive...

...set off for beach on Saturday avec fils, calling all likely parties on the way to meet up but no takers!!

Realising we're in serious danger of being beach billy no-mates we do a sharp about turn in Boston and head instead for Woodhall Spa pool (after a great deal of back seat negotiation with Felix and Leo!)

Great to be at this beautiful vintage pool on opening day. Pool temperature is traditionally tepid here and at 28C was exactly double the skin stripping air temperature outside the pool with a whistling wind whipping across the Lincolnshire badlands - so pretty speedy on the pool side change routine!
Felix and Leo were ANGELS and sat out on the "big pool" benches with ice creams while I got to do a few lengths.
Sunday....looked sunny and promising....did the whole thing again!!!
Getting really excited about 3 Lido's Opening Celebration on 30th May...

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