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Friday, 9 July 2010

Waterblogged Week

Water filled eyes have been my problem this week, weeping and whining like a good 'un!

Thanks to Nic and Sharn my swimming sisters for pulling me through the other end with a little smile on my face xxx

Anyhow, as we were brought up to say..."I'm too BUSY to be depressed!" ... lots of exciting swim stuff on the horizon to lift my spirits including the much heralded BIG JUMP this Sunday. We've had lots of exciting and slightly unexpected enquiries so wait with baited breath to see if it's just the two of us again!! Felix & Leo have taken to boasting about us being the first UK registration and have renamed the event THE BIG BOMB - they are expecting a good display of pool banned manouevres! (That's where my extra ballast comes in handy!)

Then it's full steam ahead for our SW Odyssey - perhaps I'd better start planning? Nah! Just make it up on the go as usual...

Meanwhile, here's a piccie of my favourite boys getting to grips with the lido lifestyle at Bourne last weekend...

1 comment:

Nicola 'The Middle One' said...

Ha! Those cool little beach boys. Yes, indeed 'I haven't got TIME to be depressed ... DEPRESSED??!! you just need a good walk in the fen air!' Oooh how resilient we are though little sister! xxx Now is it to be sea or pool or just go home and flake tonight.

BBC are revving up for us and I LOVE having the OSS on the run .... well done!!!