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Sunday, 11 July 2010


Saturday morning saw us setting off determinedly to get to the beach and to get there on good time for a full day at Gibraltar Point. We looked as though we were leaving the country for at least a month judging by all the bags and gear we stashed in the car!

Walk through the dunes was hot hot hot, crossing the panhandle, never easy with enough picnic, buckets, blankets, brolly, spare clothes for the whole beach being carried by packhorse parents. Leo and Felix mooch along nonchalantly carrying just their chosen toy for the day and a spade.

View from top of the hill was STUNNING - sand banks and blue sea (in places) looked positively tropical.

We set up camp half way across the beach and sent a gloating message to Nic and Sue to let them know they'd made the wrong choice not to join us on the coast!

Rising tide was AMAZINGLY strong and fast - I was swimming with all my strength into the tide and at best managing to only stay fixed in one spot. When I stopped swimming I was carried down the beach really quickly - a bit worrying as I didn't fancy wading out of the Wash a mile down the beach!

The boys got straight down to the serious business of wallowing in the shallows where the water was almost steaming hot (and pretty muddy - eat your heart out Turkish baths!)

The speed of the tide meant we had to break camp twice and ended up right back against dunes in time to greet the 5pm high tide (6.1m for geeks!) I got a last swim and came face to face with a (hopefully) friendly seal staring at me from only a metre away. My shriek unsurprisingly spooked him and he turned tail under water, which is even more disconcerting!

Hello to Jane from Edinburgh whose company we enjoyed on her stolen afternoon off work, Josh and his family from Oakham who we chatted with all afternoon, and the swimming couple who joined us today for THE BIG JUMP - more on that tomorrow! Suffice to say, it was a VERY BIG jump indeed!!!!

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