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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Here we go...

Fantastic footage of a great day jumping, diving, floating, bombing, and lots of laughing too!

In the style of a true Hollywood diva, there are a few thanks in order....

...To all who turned out and jumped in - I think we got 11 plus a couple of dogs? Sounds like a start up gig for a embryonic rock band - you didn't let the dogs in for free did you?!!

...To all the local spectators from The Riverside Inn at Southrey and walkers/cyclists along the lovely Water Rail Way from Lincoln to Boston.

...to Kat from BBC Lincolnshire for reportage, gung ho jumping and glamour

....to Sarah Payne of East Coast Target for continuing media coverage throughout 2010

...to Rachel Grafton of the Sleaford Standard for photographer and 2nd great article of the summer

...to Felix and Leo who went among the crowd chugging in brilliant style and topping up the collection tins for the Leicester Children's Holiday Centre.

...to Roberto at the European Rivers Network for founding this great event; it felt really good to be part of this European wide promotion and to wave the flag for the UK (and lowly Lincolnshire) for the first time.

...to Kate and her team at the Outdoor Swimming Society for coordinating the national participation and all their hard work to date in preparing the Responsibility Statement, event guidance and support to all members throughout the year.

... to The River & Lake Swimming Association who have also been great for advice and enthusiastic support - merci Yacov!

WOW! Lots of people and effort involved, but lots of fun and laughter too!

I think Jumper John should get a special mention for symbolising the power of a little group of like minded people achieving a great thing - he lives right next to the river, heard the radio promotion, did a bit of googling, came down to the river and ended up enjoying the start of his river swimming life right on his own doorstep - PERFECT!

There's plenty more summer and more swimming out there - ENJOY!

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