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Sunday, 11 July 2010


Wow - a fantastic afternoon for our first event with ten of us jumping in the water and plenty of spectators - including our mascot swimming dog Olive. The best pictures and videos to follow from our photographers but here's a taste in the slideshow above - all taken before Nicola got in the water of course. Clips of high jumps from the jetty steps (I chickened out!) and our mass jump in the river all to follow.

A brilliant day - thank you everyone for joining in.... including Mum and Dad 'on the other side' and having to drive 20 miles round the road to join us when we only had to swim a few metres to join them ... maybe we should start a campaign to resurrect the ferry?!


Joss Winn said...

Fantastic. Where did this take place? Bardney? I've been wanting to start 'wild swimming' in Lincolnshire (cycling from Lincoln) but wasn't sure where to start. It's great to know that others are doing it. I'll take a look at your site and hope to be in touch.

Sister Sandra said...

Hi Joss

Thanks for your interest, and a shame you missed the Big Jump aka Big Bomb yesterday. We had a FANTASTIC afternoon and hope to meet up with you sometime over the summer - all "organised" events are on our Blue Sky Swimming website

JudyT said...

Hi would you be able to tell me of area in and around Lincolnshire where I would be able to wild swim and stand up paddle board, it would be greatly appreciated.....