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Sunday, 25 July 2010

South West Waterways Holiday

The Train Now Departing .....

And what a holiday ..... Three 1930's lidos - Penzance, Plymouth and the lovely river-fed Chagford and a couple of river swims for Sandra in the River Dart. I've got a way to go before I look this glam but still managed to top up the tan in the sunny south-west.

Here's Dazzling Tinside at Plymouth - a beauty ... cold and salty and very stylish - even though the manager ignored my plea to 'push the button' and turn on the fountains ... boo. Notice there is virtually no-one swimming in this picture - too ruddy cold to stay in long!

And Penzance was really quite AMAZING - and MASSIVE! Oops I seem to have got in the way (even with the smallest head in the world I've blocked out the view of the largest sea-water lido in the UK).

And not forgetting Chagford - River-fed by the Teign - and an absolute gem of a pool - river water was lovely and soft and the whole event was 'soft-focus' through a prolonged heavy downpour of rain .... thank you to the poolside team for their chat and enthusiasm and the lovely mugs too ... a Special Place even in the rain.

And we did get some rain (ooh the garden's soooo dry - we need the rain) - thank goodness for Little Chef and their hospitality - oh and nice touch in welcoming flower arrangements:

And special mention to Lesley's Family and Other Animals on Chard High Street - the Most Hospitable House in Chard ... always 'room at the inn' if you are in need of a hot meal and accommodation. Now if Sartre was right and Hell really is Other People then I think that purgatory must be where they park their cockatoos: Mully the Cockatoo may well be in for an ASBO unless he pipes down a bit. Thank you to Aunt Barbara and Uncle Paul for their hospitality and warm welcome; to Maureen and Shirley too for their company and to all for some memorable moments - quite barking really - in a lovely, friendly way! lol x. Oh and Ben ..... perhaps developing a nervous tic by now.

Special mention to Millie the most Patient Dog in the World I think! x

And we couldn't finish the posting without including my picture of a lovely Orange Train (DBH) at Taunton - yes the Germans have arrived .... nice livery colour though.

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Sister Sandra said...

WOW! LOVE those big pants, tres flattering - if only we could be transported back to the 50's to do a bit of shopping!