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Sunday, 11 July 2010

3 Days in Summer

Perfect start to an exhausting but brilliant weekend started with post work swim at my fave pool - beautiful Bourne. Only managed a couple of lengths as was still trying to shake off the grumpiness of the week. Still, who wouldn't be cheered by the rustling of the lime trees, sundogs in the cirrus clouds and a cup of tea from the perenially friendly cafe lady?

Mood lifted further by the drive home past Grimsthorpe Castle coming across first harvest of the year - the dust was glittering and dancing in the air, the nostalgic scent always takes me straight back to my childhood - aged 6 or so, burning the stubble with Daddy into the night...

I was wishing I could bottle the bittersweet essence of that moment but perhaps that's the point - you can't predict, pin down or recreate those unexpected moments - you can only smile, let it into your heart and make a new memory for duller days.

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Nicola said...

Hey you little speedy blogger!! What a great swimming weekend - my Saturday by the lido in Peterborough - heaving with people but still a large enough pool to accommodate lots of people - great to see it so popular.

First harvest - already .... summer is at its peak and so much swimming to do. Ha, you remember the burning bank event when we burned the field of stubble with Dad ... mmm scarred for life?! lots of love, n.