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Monday, 28 June 2010

A Watery Weekend

Second swim in the Witham on Saturday evening - brave getting braver this time. This time we dived in (well I sort of plunged to start with) off the Southrey side and swam up river and back down several times. We were joined by Olive the black labrador and Nic had to recall her lapsed lifesaving skills to get the dog out and back on the pontoon - note: labradors are heavy and slippery when wet ... I have some nice bruises to show for it.

Sunday and Nic is at the beach 'toute seule' for the day. Made the best of my time with a stroll from Sutton on Sea up to Mabo to speak to the RNLI guys about the boat launch on 18th September's Great North Sea Plunge. I hadn't realised that there had been a big 'to do' about the team losing their land rover vehicle (well not losing literally, but being replaced by a tractor). And Bill the lifeboat manager had resigned after 41 years of service, so sparking a campaign on Facebook. I read all this on the front page of the 'Leader' - And I thought Sandra and I were 'The Story' in Mabo!

Good news: our friend Sara Payne at the East Coast Target newspaper has done us proud again with an update article about our summer solstice swim. I hadn't realised just how much I had rabbited on last time she 'phoned me. Mind you I think I could get some more copy mileage out of the 'Nicola nearly drowned in the North Sea' as a child; especially if I take the 'deprived fenland upbringing' angle - parents' distracted, not noticing the 'middle one' was missing etc etc. I can feel a Misery Memoire in the making.

I think I now win the 'tackiest / strangest' postcard competition with Sandra : found these 3 in a newsagents in Sutton on Sea. Cleary golliwogs are still legal tender on the Lincolnshire coast. An alarming sort of animal cruelty theme running here too.... Still they were only 25p each.

HEADS UP: WATCH OUT FOR THE BIG JUMP - Our River Swim as part of the European River Swimming Festival - on 11th July at Southrey - http://www.rivernet.org/bigjump/ We will be the first in Lincolnshire to do it! We like being first!

Also, we are hoping to join up with the RNLI challenge of Swim a Mile at our Great North Sea Plunge on 18th September.

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