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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Down Let the Sun Go Down on Me .....

Solstice Swim - late setting off, sun disappearing behind the horizon - zipping along the roads in Bertie to get to the beach before dark. Communication failures between me and Sandra meant we arrived at Huttoft (Nic getting there via Skegness) in the dusk. However, we were not going to cop out at this point ... tide on the turn (Sandra read the time table incorrectly - rising tide, not!) and there were some big waves which crashed over me several times bringing back all that childhood fear of drowning again - yes on Huttoft beach once more where - if it wasn't for the attentiveness of parents - I'd have been in the mud flats (mmmm I'm still making the most of the guilty consciences of M+D).

I'll leave it to Sandra to blog about the new friends we met - Jason the champagne cork popper and Steve and Chrissie in their luxury motorhome.

1 comment:

Sister Sandra said...

Ooh thanks Nic for a superb solstice last night...great piccies and vid's on the way...!