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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

3 Lidos, 3 Miles, 2 Women, 1 River ...

...OK, so it doesn't quite have the neat ring that the anally retentive waterblogged sisters were hoping for...but, WHAT A FANTASTIC DAY!!!!!

Clear skies, fresh breeze, crystal clear light quality to set off the sparkling blue water in these 3 great pools:

True to character we had the day planned out to the smallest detail with military precision but still showed enough flexibility to be able to incorporate a big pre swim brekkie at Little Chef and an impromptu diversion to swim in the Cam for an hour or two.

This was my first river swim and something I haven't yet recovered from (in an entirely GOOD way) Thanks again to the lovely Judith who we met at Jesus Green and immediately bonded with - she was the only other swimmer without a wetsuit and with a personality!

We dived in (bellyflop for me, overly conscious of the unknown depth and wanting to avoid getting ditched in silty bottom!) and swam upriver from Newnham to Dead Mans Bend. We coasted back down to the lawns for mugs of tea with our combined picnics - a bit of a weird mix of bread and cheese, cherries and strawberries, beetroot and pork pie! This was one of my best days of 2010, an experience which I will never forget and something I'm craving to do again really really soon..

Ok, so we got to Peterborough 3 hours later than planned, but hey ho, we still pulled in the full 3 miles. I have to give credit entirely to Nicola for this - I was deep into my river reverie and just couldn't be arsed to do my share of lengths at Peterborough, choosing instead to sit like a lizard soaking up the sun to bring my body temperature back up (yeah yeah, I know, thin excuse...)

...my performance at Bourne was even more lacklustre and had to steal 6 lengths of the one local lad who was still in the pool by the time we arrived in lowering skies after 6pm!

Nic just kept going....brilliant stamina, where does she get her energy from?!!!

Now I've just got to get the silt and chlorine out of my cozzie before next dip - when will it be?

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