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Tuesday, 22 June 2010


We ended up at Huttoft for the midsummer swim in a nice piece of symmetry as this was the spot of our 2010 New Years Day swim - how we love a bit of serendipidity!
In yet another perfectly rehearsed piece of planning, I find myself travelling NW to Sutton on Sea whilst Nicola motors along SE to Gibraltar Point - we probably crossed paths at Partney!

Disappointing start to the evening saw us dithering over our commitment to drive out to the North Sea for a cold, dark dip after both enduring long difficult days at work...
...as usual, it fell to Nic to be motivational and off we set into the East (albeit different locations!)

So, here's the lovely scene at Huttoft at 9pm just before we finally got around to donning cozzies and starting the long walk down to the sea -cleverly, I'd managed to cock up the tide prediction as well!

It took a VERY long walk out through pretty strong breakers and ebbing tide drag to get enough depth for shoulders to get under water and knees off the ground... It was a bit spooky/exciting according to attitude to be so far out with no reassuring presence on shore to call the emergency services should we start to drift out into the North Sea! We're definitely enjoying the benefits of cold water acclimatisation though and bobbed around in the breakers for a good 15 minutes before the customary struggle with lifeless fingers, salty skin and inappropriate outfits to get back dressed.

After all this serious training we felt a little champagne was in order to celebrate the solstice, shame we're such girls that neither of us felt able to open the bottle! Thanks to the lovely Jason who had been hoping for a quiet evening watching the waves for popping the cork straight into the dunes. We were able to cater for the entire beach and ended up sitting in Steve & Chrissie's cosy camper van sharing the Bollinger - GREAT conclusion to the longest day of the year.

Now, where next...?

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