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Monday, 7 June 2010


Gibraltar Point with the boys and friends Pete & Sue - lovely, lovely, lovely!

Everyone got into the water, except the grown up boys who stayed at base camp to "look after the picnic"!

Tide was falling fast during the afternoon so Sue and I ended up on a long hike out across the sands (and mud!) for the last swim of the day. Even then, and despite wading out for miles, I still ended up beaching my knees trying to swim in the shallow water.

We were joined by a fellow swimmer who strangely chose to ignore our cheery "hellos" despite being one of only 3 people in the Lincolnshire North Sea at that point and swimming within feet of us - tres disappointing! Nicola won't be surprised to hear that we think she was the same solo swimmer we observed back in April who upset our bravado by getting into the water before us!!

Sunday by comparison was inland delights - trip to see the Bowland Oak, the largest/oldest specimen in Europe/UK??? Some confusion over claims to glory, but it is a glorious tree ...


Thanks to the really friendly farming family who look after this remarkable tree at the top of their veg garden and let you visit in return for a modest donation to the Air Ambulance.

1 comment:

Nicola 'The Middle One' said...

Gorgeous Boys!!! What a hot day it was - I made it as far as Louth and then back to the shade of the garden.

Good news - our friend in the South - Lesley - went in the sea - on her own - at St Margaret's Bay Kent - how fantastic is that. Well done you! x.

Missed the swim in the sea ... and had a strange urge to go to W/ Spa yesterday to attempt 3 miles - 145 lengths .. then poured myself a cold drink instead.