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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Missing Link

Monday sees Fen Girl grumpily falling out of bed at 4.30am for an unnaturally early start up to Cumbria for the day. Business for the day done and dusted by 11.30; the real purpose of the trip kicks in...seeking an antidote to my horror of the Lakes (Wastwater hell on Three Pools trip with Sharn last September - urghhhh!)


The weather was stunning; just got clearer, brighter and warmer as the day wore on, and glorious sunshine right through to sunset at 8 ish...what a treat.

Unusually for me, I had a bit of a plan in mind. Even more unusually, I'd done a little preparation and borrowed OS map of Western Lakes from library (what a great British institution that is!) I had it in my mind to swim in Buttermere with maybe a little side hill climb to burn off a little energy.

Braving my innate fen dweller vertigo I climbed up a bloody steep hill on path up to Red Pike etc. Got some serious wobbles when I made the mistake of looking back down and some serious worries about my ability to climb Snowdon in June - eek!

Anyhow, I'd certainly recommend Bleaberry Tarn as a suntrap spot to rest your bones and catch your breath. The shallow little lake was crystal clear and calling loudly but sadly pretty rocky for my tender feet (forgot to pack the river shoes of course!) I did manage a quick dip but it was all very inelegant; wobbling on the slippery rocks, doing a great interpretation of our transition from web footed amphibians to upright land lubbers....

Of course, I was really keen to continue the climb to the summit - but I wasn't sporting the regulation goretex, alpine sticks and huge rucksack combo's that everyone else seemed to have. Just an extra jumper, a bottle of water, and a fab mint iced choc crunchie cake from "Lunch" in Keswick (basic survival kit surely?!)

So it's back down (havoc on the bloody knees, creaking like a good 'un), reaching the lake side by late afternoon all pooped and clammy - perfect for a refreshing dip! Of course, it takes me a good 1/2 hour and trek 1/2 way around the lake to find the perfect launch spot - a little pine clad promontory on the north side, soft slatey pebbles and a quick drop to deep swimmable water. Only trouble was lack of cover for changing into cozzie, so in the end I just went for it and the poor hikers had to look away! Thanks for the round of applause as I inelegantly (I know - again!) stumbled on the stones and ended up sat down in the shallows with a big splash! The water was bloody cold; toe crunching temperature, I would estimate 5 or 6 degrees.

HEAVENLY SWIM! SO beautiful to be in the clear calm sweet water surrounded by sunlit fells and a crystal clear sky overhead - lucky me; I felt so alive. The post swim glow kept with me all evening as I walked back to the car and set off for the long trip home.

A special day for me, rounded off by meeting this lovely couple of native yellerbellies now exiled in Wiltshire. Jan & Les Pailthorpe are my kind of people - enjoying a nice glass of red in the sunshine after a day's walking. We had a lovely chat and they make it on to the waterblog hall of fame of special people I've met on my swimming adventures. Enjoy your trip to Scotland Jan & Les; I hope you get in the water with all that lovely seafood you're looking forward to!

If this brilliant day sets the standard for my 2011 waterblogged adventures I'll be a very happy sister indeed!

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