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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Not all days are sunny...

Friday evenings after work became a bit of an unintentional ritual for me last year - a swim in the lake to restore my enthusiasm and perspective always works...

.... have to say though, the water was NOT calling to me this Friday evening - choppy and a bit murky; I was too hesitant to get in at my usual launch spot so mooched around looking for a more appetising location.

Superstition makes me think that if I bottle it one time then I'll lose the will to ever get in cold water again. I stood like an idiot up to my waist for a good ten minutes superchilling the lower half of my body before I finally managed to go for full immersion and hasty swim out to centre of the lake. The wind was gusting across the surface, got a face and mouth full of wave which spooked me a bit - still relaxing into this year's swimming!

Anyhow, honour is restored - no long walk of shame back to the car with dry hair and dry towel!

Sun is shining for Mother's Day - maybe a little dip later?

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