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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Swimming and a State of Mind

Once again a cool swim comes to my rescue...

...have been distinctly blue today and have called on the heroes to lift me back up - Thanks again!

Isn't weird how lack of self confidence translates into dithering on the water's edge? On a cocky top of the world kinda day I'm in the water like a otter (ok, not a very flattering analogy, but go with me on this one!)

On a less ebullient day I'm standing up to my knees looking at the water, worrying about fishy friends, wondering what the f*** I'm doing even thinking about a swim...

....but I always get in, and I always quickly feel so much stronger, more positive, happier, all that good stuff. On a really good evening like today, the happy effect spills over into a bit of a zen calm and that brilliant calm and happiness takes over - very lovely!

Only downside was the dead fingers and toes an hour later - zen trance all very well but at some point logic and reason has to kick in and tell me to GET OUT!!!

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