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Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Bairson at Mabo

Oh Yes!! The Bairson (Basen / Basin) at Mablethorpe really was a swimming pool - see the splash. Apparently there were displays of high diving from a one-legged WWI veteran.

It's now the boating lake.... shame!


But it looked like fun all the same .... Here's comment from someone who was there (love the spelling of Basen).

"The Picture shown is of the old basen opposite the Fulbeck pub, just up the prom, as a kid we used to play up there, I was about ten when they emptied it of rowing boats so it was about 37 years ago. Apparently at the turn of the Century swimming lessons were given there. I was born in Mablethorpe, down Waterloo Road, it was a nice place to grow up in".....Wayne O'connor, Germany (Wednesday, August 17, 2005)"

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