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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Two Lovely Treats

Ta da!

Too too nice to go to work this week - so I didn't!

Two blissful days at home, mooching around in the sun, soaking up those first rays, and...

... TWO very chilly dips in the lake!

It was actually really scary to get in for the first time since November; felt pretty weird to strip off and wade out into the clear cold water.

The Canada geese were honking in encouragement (or derision?) and it took me a good five minutes to get in past my legs, so they had turned an attractive mottled orange by that stage.

Anyhow, it was a massive relief and massive high to find that the familiar cool water endorphin rush and overwhelming sense of wellbeing pinged straight back as if there'd been no winter break. I felt on top of the world enjoying mint tea in the sunshine afterwards, soaking up the solitude and peace - PERFECT!

Dip # 2 was today with intrepid Justin along for company - he launched himself in bravely with the minimum of fuss, kindly clearing the goose poo which had collected a little from my traditional launch point. I, on the other hand, adopted a more cautious of approach - basically standing there like a wimp up to my waist whinging "I can't do it..!" (Nic will recognise this pattern all too well!!!) Poor Justin was getting super chilled while I prevaricated but eventually I launched myself inelegantly out into the lake. Once past the painful part we both fell into silly smiles and trademark "oohs" and "aahs" as we enjoyed the sun on the crystal clear water and beautiful surroundings.

So, I've broken the winter break and feel SO MUCH BETTER FOR IT!

By the way - temperature recorded 9 degrees before I rather stupidly managed to sink the thermometer - hope it didn't scare those snoozing carp too much!

Couple of pics to follow tomorrow when I find my USB cable thingy....

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