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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

EEEhhhh Yorkshire Water!

Big Sign, Small Person very Small Head!
Is cold, ffffffreezing cold - well that's Yorkshire for you I suppose - all that 'up northerness'?
16.5 Degrees C was the water temperature at Ilkley Lido last Saturday. That all important half-a-degree didn't stop me feeling the burning sensation I get in cold water - like my chest is on fire - which of course it isn't - it's just my body going into shock I suppose. I was determined to put on a show of true Lincolnshire Grit and dived in without a shriek or squeal and managed to swim for half an hour. There was no danger of the water temperature rising thanks to a constant stream of cold water gushing into the pool from a massive tap on the pool side. My 30 minutes done I then spent 15 mins under the hot shower in the indoor changing rooms, but still couldn't control the shivering.

Ah, perhaps a cup of nice Yorkshire Tea, made with Yorkshire Water, boiled on Yorkshire Electricity would have helped?

It really is a lovely spot Ilkley Lido and a unique pool - 'freeform' is the description of its shape. You can't do lengths as such because it is a strange sort of mushroom shape pool, but that only adds to its appeal and quirkiness. There's a lovely wedding cake fountain - working - and a deep 'end' section of 2 metres depth. I took a couple of sneaky photos but was told off for doing so.  See the Friends of Ilkley Lido for some great pics here http://www.ilkleylido.co.uk/Photos/Photos.php

On a sunny, warm day it must be a heavenly place to go and swim and sunbathe, with the cafe and lots of grassy areas for lounging on. On a blustery cool early September day - the last weekend of the Lido's opening - I was glad of those hot showers.

Cafe with a rather nice pool attached

sneaky snap over the hedge

One for 'Special Signs' album. Yorkshire folk appropriating Lincolnshire's best brewery? Bar t'at?! Misselling of goods?!

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Sister Sandra said...

I've heard of coals to Newcastle...but beer to Ilkley? Surely our humble lovely Lincolnshire Batemans couldn't compete with proper Yorkshire breweries??!!