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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Lessons in Life

Here's me looking a little pensive after a SUPERB stolen afternoon swimming at Gibraltar Point. As usual, all that cool salty water slapping me in the face cleared my thoughts and I came up with 3 conclusions for the day:

1. Philosophical - it's ok to go with the flow rather than fighting against the tide.
This thought came to me when I realised I could swim down the beach on the tide and enjoy a sunny walk back along the beach - instead of my usual approach to try and swim against the current!

2. Quizzical - why wasn't I born rich and idle?
I'm so good at lazing around after all!

3. Geographical - I WANT TO LIVE AT THE SEASIDE!!!
Landlocked Leicestershire is just TOO FAR from the beach....

1 comment:

carl said...

Like the thoughts; agree with 1&3 and have decided to be middling income and relatively idle.