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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Brown is the Colour ....

 ... of the North Sea. But it is only churned up sand; I mean, who needs crystal clear water anyway? It was a spontaneous decision to visit the beach at Sutton and try for a sea swim.  The RNLI Lifeguards information board listed a balmy air temperature of 21 C but a more robust 16 Degrees C in the water and with a ENE breeze off the sea it was less than tropical. The tide was going out at a pace but the Aussie Lifeguard assured me it was 'pretty safe' - pretty relaxed sort of advice.  There was certainly loads of room on the beach as well as in the sea. I managed a couple of immersions of twenty minutes and only mildish body shaking and finger numbness.  Fab place to sit afterwards - out of the way of 'that wind' in the 'Palisades' well the sun terrace overlooking the bowling green. See my arty photo below.

I'm surprised I didn't hear Sandra and Sharn's voices and cackling laughter booming out across the wash from their Day Out on the Norfolk Coast. There's two girls who need no amplification. : )

Where is everyone?

Sutton's Sun Terrace

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