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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Lazy London Day

A few snaps and a few thoughts to preserve my lovely escape day to the Big Smoke for a couple of swims, lots of solitude and peace, a bit of sunshine and lots of mooching around.

Parliament Hill Lido has been on my hit list for a long time - and she certainly did not disappoint! That shimmery steel liner is gorgeous - and even helped me over the fear of slipping on the lip on the dive in as I was so tempted by the cool calm water. The trick (as expertly coached by a lovely friendly local Irish man) was to fall back to my teen years and pull off a running dive with the dismount from the tactile stone tiles instead of the slippy lip - have to say, it felt FAB!!!

You'll no doubt be enthralled by my uber lido geek shot of the jolly changing rooms and pleasing 1930's windows framing the fluffy clouds in the sky....and what about that expert framing of the famous view of City centre skyline from Parliament Hill - shame about the fat finger!!

I enjoyed a good few hours swimming and lolling around at this great pool and felt very lucky indeed to be footloose and fancy free in the Big City...

I met lovely Alex from Buckinghamshire here too and was pleased to share her fun company on the hike across the Heath to my favourite (so far) London pool - Kenwood Ladies Pond; a real gem of a place and a beautiful soft happy making swim

And here's another of those comedic signs so beloved by the Waterblogged Sisters....

...and one to giggle at - the fen girl with her manky map wending her way through Kentish Town back to the train home...

Another lovely London trip to add to my memory banks and keep the smile on my face on those sad swimless days ....

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