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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Thames Water

Monday saw me and fellow BSS friend Lesley in London for the day.

Big day out in the Capital for two girls up from the provinces in our 'country fashions'.

The luxury and 1930's deco of Uxbridge Lido is for another trip and all the better to savour as a future treat. In the meantime we had a look at the viability of a Thames crossing. Here's some steps down to the water; yep it's as easy as that and if Matthew Parris can have a go then I'm not ruling it out yet.

Midsummer Day passed with a relay swim in Bourne Pool - I arrived late afternoon followed by Sandra slipping in before the pool closed at 7.00 pm. Sandra's ambitions of a 3-way lido, river and sea-fest fell by the wayside - just not enough time to get across the (potato) County.

tra, la, la! : )


Sister Sandra said...

Ha Ha! Country girls in the big City - lovely!

How many did you share the pool with at Bourne? Just me and one other by the time I got down there...and about 100 overexcited kids crowding the gate waiting for Inflatables Evening!!

Nicola 'The Middle One' said...

The tea place wasn't open when I got there ... but plenty of space in the pool and a choppy breeze blowing across the water. lovely!