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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A Soppy Solstice

Ooh! Midsummer doldrums seem to have hit...it's been a week since the Solstice already and I haven't got around to recording my oh so not triumphant swim across Lincolnshire a la Deakin plan.

The die was cast before my head even hit the pillow on the 20th - in my heart I knew that this waterblogged sister was never going to drag herself out of bed at 6 for a pre work lake swim to kick off the "planned" lake, river, lido, sea route across the county.

So, as it turned out, my swimming solstice celebration totalled just one lovely half hour half mile in beautiful Bourne, stretching out in the sun and letting go of my wildly over ambitious ideas....

...followed by an overwhelming feeling of bittersweet happiness, nostalgia and slight anxiety about the summer passing by...overall, a lot for Sister Sandra to feel good about on the longest day....thanks all xxxxx

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