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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Lessons in Life for the Waterblogged Boys

Ooh, you can SO tell that Daddy Moran is away from home at the moment...we slept in until 9.30, stayed in our 'jamas until 12.30, and finally got out of the house at about 2pm...

I was outvoted on my suggestion to go for a swim at Bourne Outdoor Pool (maybe something to do with the black skies, heavy downpours and cool breezes....???) So we set off to Bourne, but to the indoor Leisure Pool instead aka Hell with Water to this Waterblogged Sister.

Sure enough, it was worse than I remembered ... boiling hot, suffocating chlorine fumes, eardrum battering echo of kids screaming, fountains splashing, engines thrumming ..... AAAAAAGGHH!!!

To top things off the pool staff Gestapo snapped at us for having the audacity to try and buy an icecream in our cozzies .... you have to get dressed, get super hot and irritated, shout at each other and resort to sign language to try and work out whether the boys wanted Original or Sours Skittles....AAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

It was bliss to escape out into the cool showery day...and look, the sun is coming out to play...why don't we take a look at the Lido and see if it calls to us?

I played my Italian glamour trick with Ferrari/Lamborghini/Alfa/Maserati mad Felix and explained that Lido's were Italian swimming pools.

Leo was more easily bought with the promise of an ice pole from the poolside cafe!

So we tot up the scores for indoor vs outdoor swimming:

For indoor = wave machine, warm (I would say bleeding boiling!)

For outdoor = friendly staff, peaceful, lots of space, talking dustbins, ice poles, gorgeous sapphire water, sunshine on our faces, Abbey Road chippy opposite for post swim tea...need I say more?

So, my lovelies, follow me on the path to a childhood of sweet outdoor swimming memories in our lovely empty Lincolnshire xxx

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J.J. said...

I used to love going to Bourne when I was a child flashing lights in the slide and a wave machine it was heaven. Now I totally see it would be my worst nightmare. Didn't it used to be chlorine free though? After you have braved the sea in December all swimming pools do seem so over heated it's weird.