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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Gravel Hills to Gravel Lake

Seemed appropriate, having grown up in Gravel Hills, Billinghay Fen that I try a swim in a gravel lake. Last night found me at the gravel pit lake on Thorpe Lane, South Hykham thanks to an invitation from Jack to try the waters here.

Well it was a bit on the 'industrial' side - lots of bricks and mortar to navigate getting in. But the side slopes really quickly so you're soon in and away. Water was a balmy 21 degrees C - now that's considerably warmer than the River Cam and the sea recently and even some of the 'heated' pools I go to. It was really rather nice, once I blocked out the sound of the traffic on the by-pass! There's acres of space and nothing to get in the way of a leisurely back stroke - fabulous.

Monday night is 'Tri' club night so I was a little out of place as a strictly leisure and pleasure swimmer with my two-piece costume rather than the uniform of wetsuit and swimming hat. Hard core training activities going on for the wetsuited group but Jack and I had a relaxed swim (head up and glasses on) out to the middle of the lake. Apparently it's 12 metres deep (really?) Crikey what's at the bottom of that then.

Wednesday nights are for leisure swimmers so I'll be getting a group together for a re-visit.

Seems I need some practice with the self-portrait - a bit grimacy:


Sister Sandra said...

Training with the triathletes...just don't lose the faith and get a wetsuit!! Sounds nicer than I thought (I think!) but closer to the road than I thought too....come on down to my lovely local one evening where you have kingfishers and grebes (and the occasional friendly fisherman) for company. Well done for expanding your swim portfolio Nic...watch out for pike in the depths!!

melanie said...

Hi Thanks for this, i am new to this and was looking for swims local to Lincoln. Do you have to pay to swim at the lake on the wednesdays or is it free?