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Saturday, 28 May 2011

How Many Metres in a Mile?

Here we go again .... getting the conversion chart out to work out how many lengths I will need to swim in each of the lidos on Monday. So here's my working out:

1,760 yards in a mile; 1,609 metres in a mile.

Cambridge - 17 and half lengths
Peterborough - 32 lengths
Bourne - 33 and a half lengths

Now the only question is whether we share them out and if Sandra ends the day in negotiations with young swimmers at Bourne, trading her lengths for a portion of chips.

All we need is for the sun to shine on Monday. All ready for a dip in the Cam on Sunday night for our appetiser.

Sadly the train running times in 2011 are not what they were in the days of LNER, with no Sunday service between Peterborough and Cambridge and Bourne having lost its station years ago. So, we'll be taking the A1 south tomorrow and enjoying a Little Chuf breakfast to set us up for the day on Monday.


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