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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Best Laid Plans

Well, we're probably never going to win prizes for planning...but that famous waterblogged sisters joie de vivre kicked in to give us another fabulous swim trip this weekend across the Fenland Lidos...

Jesus Green was calling loud and clear through the sunny breaks in the Sunday evening clouds so we heeded the call and jumped in to this most beautiful of Lidos. Blooming cool water - 16 degrees posted up on the board - there is something about the physics of this pool that give great great swimming; you really cut up and down those long long lengths. The sun lit up the water from time to time to add to the magic of this special and long awaited swim - can't wait to come back for the day to bask in the sun.

This put us ahead of "schedule" so I decided to keep Nicky awake all night in our luxury Travelodge with a little light snoring (apparently!) - must have been all that exercise, or the wafer thin pillow! After a full and frank discussion on the Little Chef breakfast menu options we're headed back to pretty Cambridge to rendezvous with Ted the Treasurer at Newnham - the highlight of the trip; to swim in the heavenly Cam.

This swim is too good to sum up adequately - needs to be experienced as a sublime mood lifting dream rather than trying to describe clumsily....ooh, Pseuds Corner awaits! 13 degrees, Earl Grey tea and ginger biccies post swim in the sunshine, warm hospitality from genuine gents John and Ted, weird post swim hair, diving in again and again....pretty tough to beat this one.
A special thanks again to the lovely Judith who invited us here last year and introduced the fen girls to the delights of river swimming....looking forward to catching up with you over the summer Judith xx

Reports from "back home" suggested this warm sunny start to the day might not last...

.....and we ran into the sheets of constant cold rain halfway to Peterborough. It's really not so tempting to get undressed and dive in to a cold gloomy pool - with no other bathers braving the elements despite the promo free entry for opening weekend. However, we had a plan to stick to (?) so persevered and managed half a mile each in only 17 degrees despite the apparent heating. BUT - this IS a fantastic Lido that needs support and TO BE USED and we'll be back during the season to pay our fees and enjoy the sunbathing terraces.

Dropping air temperatures and persistent rain where having their effect by the time we set off up the A15 to Bourne - my thoughts had turned to an Indian takeaway by the fire after a hot bath - our steely resolve was wavering.

I kind of hoped the pool would have closed early due to the bloody cold rain but they had valiantly stayed open to entertain a couple of hardy young fen girls....just not these two! We did feel a bit disappointed to have given up on Lido swim 3 but that is the essence of Blue Sky Swimming - we don't feel any gung ho need to prove anything other than having a bit of fun!

I will be making my regular post work speed dash to Beautiful Bourne during the season to catch a few lengths and a few rays.

Another perfect start to the season...Come on in, the water's lovely xxx

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