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Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Watch out Big City, the country fen girls are on the way to hit London en masse.

Now, I must remember not to break the rules like I normally do when set loose in the metropolis:

#1 No smiling at strangers who you pass in the street. They'll think you're insane and you'll get face ache before long.

#2 Don't laugh out loud on public transport when you get a funny text message from back home in the fens. You may get arrested by the anti terrorist police.

#3 Don't start whinging about the heat, grubbiness and noise of the city after only 5 minutes at Kings Cross. You always think it's going to be SOOOO glamorous but straightaway start craving the space and peace of the big Lincolnshire skies.

#4 Pack light. You always end up exhausted by lugging around huge heavy bags of emergency change of outfit, frilly London brolly, litres of water just in case ....

#5 If you really can't resist listening to the other commuters conversations and peeking at their laptops, TRY to be subtle - Oh dear, a tall order all round for me!

Looking forward to meeting up with all the gorgeous swimming sisters as we shambolically make our watery way across London tomorrow!

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