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Monday, 9 August 2010

4 August Swim Across London

Energy Food

Before the start of the week we'd already reduced our ambitious Six Cold Places to Swim to Five - agreeing that Uxbridge (with its lovely renovated fountains) was sadly just 'too far out' for us to get to.

Usual lack of focus meant that we didn't leave our Base Camp 'til nearly eleven am (and special mention here to Graham our Benefactor and All Round Frog as a Prince for letting us stay in his Pad in fashionable Barbican - so 60's so chic so 'film set'. )

However we made use of our time by preparing some energy food - Lincolnshire Plum Loaf, with Butter and with Cheese .... ooh whopping calorie count! Sylvie the French One was pretty bemused by this 'plat anglais' --- the savoury and the sweet in one dish .... how rule-breaking, how very English.

Base Camp, Speed House

Tooting Bec finally located and found - via a dusty walk on Wandsworth Common - and we then ticked off Brockwell and on to Hyde Park on the No 3 bus. Time for Sylvie to take a siesta - as the French do - and can ...how many days leave is that you get Sylvie in the French public sector - mais oui, sacre bleu - 50 days per year! All that work means you need a nap in the afternoon - ah those Europeans eh?

Hyde Park's Serpentine and another hike over grassland to find the lido there .... mmmmmm ..... a wee bit slimy and goosey for my liking - and the creepiness of near-tame wild birds on the Serpentine - like the heron that Lesley was cooing too ...eeeh that's not natural!

Final destination - and a downpour keeping us dithering at Kentish Town - but Sandra's forthright 'commitment' and general gung ho attitude meant we did it - we found and swam in Hampstead Ponds. Except, errr, no we didn't because due to navigation mix up we in fact swam in Kenwood Pond for Ladies ..... and it really was magical and magnificent.

Merci my lovely swimming sister and special friends - it really was a day to treasure. x

1 comment:

Sister Sandra said...

Yes, this all bodes SO well for our big THREE POOLS CHALLENGE which is now just a few scary weeks away...
... hey ho! we've proved that organisation and planning is overrated, let's just go for it and enjoy ourselves!