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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Freezing February

Embassy Pool, Skegness, Waiting for the Summer.
Well it's a cold, cold February and we haven't had an outdoor swim since NYD. However, we're already plotting and planning for the warmer days of Spring with a trip over to the lovely Hathersage (heated - yeh!) pool on 31st March. 

To keep our spirits up here's a picture of the outdoor Embassy Pool at Skegness on a recent trip I had over to the coast. It looked fairly inviting and certainly peaceful.  It's quite a nice pool - 25 m at it's longest and a decent size to swim in. But, I can't help feeling a bit sad about the beauty it replaced around 2000; the 'old' original big outdoor pool is now a car park. Now isn't there a song about that - paradise into parking lot?  Good for East Lindsey DC though for keeping a corner of the original space for outdoor swimmers. 

Just found this link to an amazing picture of the original swimming pools - yes more than one - it really did look stunning in this shot from 1981 http://www.skegnessphotos.co.uk/displayimage.php?pid=875 Ah, what a shame it's gone.

And here's one from earlier days - lots of spectators.


Anonymous said...

Skegness pool looks lovely

AquaMarina said...

thanks for your earlier tip about Hathersage and this reminder - I'm hoping to get there too! I will look out for you - you'll recognise me by my strings.....!
(thunderbirds reference...sorry!)