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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Super Sexy Scarborough

Here's a post combing two of my very favourite things: Lidos and Trains!

I've just been watching a re-run of Coast on the BBC and they were covering the North East Coast from Tynemouth to the Humber and stopped briefly in Scarborough - the birthplace of sea bathing.

Then I came across a super web-site with railway travel posters and here's a beauty for Scarborough with it's amazing sea water swimming pool - 'artificially heated' - rather quaint turn of phrase and funny to think that 'artificial' nowadays would be a negative sort of word to use, but perhaps at the time of this poster it was seen as modern, go-getting and snazzy?

Whichever, I'm mourning the loss of this beautiful pool; and not least from a selfish point of view - being too young (ha!) to have had the chance to swim there.

I'm now forming another of my '3' challenges: an autumn sea swim in Scarborough, Filey and Bridlington? Well that's taken my mind off the terror of 3 Deepest Pools for a little while!

1 comment:

Sister Sandra said...

Coo! I LOVE the poster; imagine if that amazing lido was still there - what a loss for Scarbo.

If only the sea at Filey had been "artificially heated" on that icy blast day you dragged me across that vast beach into those rolling North sea breakers. If we can do that, then a few placid cool lakes wull be a shoo in!!!